EV800 DVR Mod – EV800 FPV Goggles DVR Mod Using ProDVR & 3D Printed Buttons

EV800 DVR Mod – Using an Eachine ProDVR to mod DVR recording into the EV800 FPV goggles.

Why bother doing the ev800 dvr mod ?

Its a bit of a pain in  the butt lugging my nexus & cables to record my fpv footage so ive another bought a pair of eachine ev800, but this time ive gotten the v2’s which have the added bonus of an av port input which makes it lots easier to tap video back into the goggles lcd screen.

This is just a quick show off my mod, instructions/guide to come at a later date…

List of parts used…

Eachine EV800 FPV Goggles from Banggood

Eachine ProDVR DVR Mini Video Audio Recorder from Banggood

And i used the buttons from an ecig mod box i found on Thingiverse


So now my ev800 dvr mod is complete i have dvr built into my goggles with handy buttons and im able to watch footage ive recorded without having to take off my FPV goggles, then when i get home pop out the sd card and copy to the pc ready for editing!

Inspirations for this mod…





3 thoughts on “EV800 DVR Mod – EV800 FPV Goggles DVR Mod Using ProDVR & 3D Printed Buttons”

  1. Pail says:

    Hey bud nice mod. Just modded my ev800 v2 with product and buttons enlosed in the case. 2 questions. 1.) how and did your connect the audio out from the dvr? 2.) now that dvr occupies AV channel can you still use the AV in? Cause I can seem to switch from dvr AV to AV in. Any help is appreciates

    1. EL says:

      The next solder point is in the other side where the video (yellow) black (ground) wire will be soldered. Only for ev800 v2 you can find the complete installation process from this article: aliekspress.xyz/eachine-prodvr-inside-ev800-goggles-recording-video/

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