Ive had my new zgpax s8 android smartwatch for a few weeks now and here is a list of changes ive made to the device…


After finding out the micro sd card was infact not user upgradable decided to go hunting at how hard it was to swap out…The answer is not very hard and ive made a small guide for those brave people who dont mind opening up the guts of their new gadgets…

How to replace the micro sd in the zgpax s8 smartwatch


Kingo root

Xposed installer

Smart launcher 3

Play Store link

I love this launcher and use it on every android device i own from including…

  • Android tv box on a 47″ TV
  • Nexus 7 tablet
  • Ulefone betouch 2 5.5″ inch phone
  • And now my 1.5″ android phone watch…

i use it on all these devices because i love the way it sorts my apps into categories which are swapped easily, i can uninstall apps straight from the selection screen, it has support for “ok google” from the homescreen and it is an all round solid launcher and ive tried most!

SWAPP link

Google + community link


While this software might still be in beta and the dev has had all his code stolen during a robbery it is getting updates…

I use this software to display facer watch faces as the lockscreen (it also sends notifications from your phone to your android smartwatch amongst other things).

I have been using g watch faces from http://facerepo.com (hardlink to the g-watch section).

You can also create your own watch faces using watchface studio.

Download the studio from https://watchfacestudio.codeplex.com/