Having realised the sd card in the zgpax s8 smartwatch was not user swappable, but was swappable by digging under the hood i went to get my screwdriver….

2015-11-16 14.07.562015-11-16 14.10.55

First remove the sim card from the watch…

Next remove the four screws that fix the back on…
2015-11-16 14.11.57

Now gently remove the battery (remember its hard soldered to the mainboard) and place it to the top right…

2015-11-16 14.12.20Now unscrew the two screws holding down the ribbon cable connector on the left (i didnt do this until after the next step and realised i should of done it first)

Next you have to gently prise up the silver rf tape so we can get at the connectors underneath.
2015-11-16 14.15.30

Next gently lift the two ribbon cable connectors (sorry for the poor picture) you can see in the next picture where they have to be lifted from…
2015-11-16 14.17.15

Just slide out the old sd card and place your new one in.

Boot your device and format the memory card and you are good to go!
2015-11-16 14.25.37