A quick and easy guide how to install an add-on from a zip file into kodi (this is done on an android tv box but is the same for any device running kodi but with slightly different paths to downloaded files)

Ill use the uk music video jukebox add-on as an example in this guide but any kodi addon .zip plugin uses the same process to install…

First off go to the kodi addons website of your choice here we are using xbmc.org/addons…

Click here to visit the site (Opens in a new window to a page that looks like this…)

install kodi addon from zip


Click the plugin.video.ukmvjb-1.0.0.zip to start the download when it has finished downloading (see below)

You don’t need to open the file you have downloaded just yet so close the browser and open kodi.


install kodi addon from zip

Click on System…

install kodi addon from zip


Click Add-ons…
install kodi addon from zip


A new pane will slide out from the right hand side…

Click on External storage (this path will different for other devices)




Then click Download…




Now Choose the zip file that you downloaded in the first step (in our case plugin.video.ukmvjb-1.0.0.zip)Screenshot_2015-09-27-10-16-39

The add-on Shows it has installed (a little box in the bottom right hand corner)…



Now the add-on is installed, click add-ons underneath videos…

Screenshot_2015-09-27-10-17-09 (1)


Now you see the uk music video juke box in your list…




Now left click and hold for a few seconds then let go and a box will pop up… click add to favourites.




Now you just have to click the star in the bottom left of your main kodi screen and there will be a shortcut in the slide out menu!




That’s it go enjoy your newly installed addon!

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