My life as a vaper…

I started vaping to stop smoking about a year ago and as a newbie vaper began using a generic e-go style vape pen with ejuices from the local shop before realising the Chinese seller sites id been buying electronics from for years offered a huge range of e-liquids, mod boxes, atomisers and every possible item a vaper would ever need!

Here is a list of what ive tried,where i bought it from and what i thought (no long reviews just general thoughts)…

Links will take open in a new window and will take you to the supplier i purchased my items from…


As i said  i started off using a generic ego style ecig pack from our local shop with the liquids from the same company but soon got sick of things breaking and leaking and found some great items that changed vaping for me….

Battery Boxes

Vamo V8

vamo v8 25w

I work in a builders yard so im very surprised my vamo (nicknamed the time wand) lasted the 10 months that it has. It has been dropped from heights a few times, ran over by a 3 tonne forklift twice and fell out of my pocket more times than enough, and has just recently given up the fight (the thread that holds the atomiser is quite mangled and no longer keeps the atomiser attached )

Kanger KBOX 40W

Kanger KBOX 40W

After the vamo gave up the good fight i ordered a Kanger KBOX 40W modbox to replace it, simply because the kbox has no screen and as few buttons as possible and looked very sturdy. I had no regrets after purchase…It is as durable as it looks with a screw on battery cap, no charger port and no screen it is the perfect mod box for working in a harsh environment.


Kanger Aerotank V2

kanger Aerotank V2

Again because it had to be very hardwearing, i choose a kanger aerotank simply because it has a stainless steel tank (it comes with a glass one too) and it has lasted very very well!



Ive tried quite a few brands over the last year and have enjoyed one juice from a certain company but hated another of the same brand  so don’t just write a brand off because you didn’t like a certain flavour of theirs.


hangsen e-liquid

Ive enjoyed most of the hangsen juices ive tried and given the superb price ill always have a few bottles of hangsen juice in the drawer.

Apple – 50ml for £3.50 | 100ml for £6.30

Banana – 50ml for £3.50 | 100ml for £6.30

Black Cherry – 50ml for £3.50 | 100ml for £6.30

Blueberry –  50ml for £3.50

Cherry –  50ml for £3.50

Coca Cola(Red Cola) –  50ml for £3.50 | 100ml for £6.30

Coconut –  50ml for £3.50 | 100ml for £6.30

Fruit Mix –  50ml for £3.50 | 100ml for £6.30

Juicy Peach –  50ml for £3.50 | 100ml for £6.30

Melon –  50ml for £3.50 | 100ml for £6.30

Pepsi Cola(Blue Cola) –  50ml for £3.50

Pineapple –  50ml for £3.50 | 100ml for £6.30

Red Bull(Red Energy)–  50ml for £3.50 

Strawberry –  50ml for £3.50 | 100ml for £6.30

Watermelon –  50ml for £3.50 | 100ml for £6.30