I bought what seemed to be a nice wisp 350/2 we were told of damage around the front window and internal water damage associated with the water ingress.
We bought it friday evening and didnt get back home till nearly midnight, was at work sat morning and had a poke about saturday evening testing electrics,gas,etc.
Got started properly with seeing how far the water damage went by pulling back a little section of the sticky vinyl and putting my finger through the rotten board behind, the damage is quite extensive so this is going to be my log of the restoration or how to completely f*%k a caravan lol!

well thats the first day done lol


Priced up materials from work and its nowhere near as expensive as i thought, thanks to everyone at burton roofing stockton.

Put some cheap dehumidifiers in there to try and pull some water out.

Ordered a stanley fatmax  stapler and a pop rivet gun from ebay, so nearly set to actually get started 😀

Ive been looking at other repair blogs and forum posts and think that taking the front grp panel out completely and replacing all the timbers across the front is not as stupid an idea as my wife seemed to think lol.

had another little poke around the side wall and some of the timbers didnt seem rotten just very wet, so im going to strip the panels away in the next few days and see how bad the damage really is and work out the plan of attack!

As i said this may well turn out how to completely f#*k an elddis wisp 350/2 😀

well another day done!


Got some supplies from work thanks again to everyone at burton roofing stockton.

Started stripping away rotten ply and noticed the floor was wet 🙁

Some good news though, the window frame in the side panel is fine so doesnt need rebuilding 🙂

So tommorrow im going to get an electric heater, take the floor lining up and dry the floor and whats left of the side panel out and see what we are left with, hopefully the floor is just wet and not rotten and can be saved with a good dose of ronseal wet rot hardener.

Anyways here are todays pictures…

Lets see what tomorrow brings!


Had a few days of contemplation and started back at it today.

Removed the battery box, and removed the frame it screws into,stripped more rotten wood out, including some of the floor which could mean taking the lower side panel off too but we will see about that.

Also treating the salvageable areas with ronseal wet rot wood hardener…

Then started to rebuild the frame on the side panel…


Well guys, today is the day the front comes off!
ive found a bit of rot in the bulkheads support timbers so one of those is getting replaced aswell as the repairs i originally had planned…pics to follow.
Wish me luck…im going in!


Well after a weeks worth of wet weather things brightened up this afternoon so i got back at it.

I managed to get hold of a large wheel (thanks mick), so decided to repair the jockey wheel, which seems to have been driven with the wheel down and completely trashed it. Also the fixing that joins the handle to the internal post had snapped and needs replacing but the bolts i bought were too short…doh!

Next job was to start replacing floor struts…

Hopefully this is where things start coming back together preferably very easily 😀

Called it a night but there’s a good forecast for tomorrow so an early start and hope the skies stay clear.


Well there’s been a smattering of rain early this morning but it seems to be passing as per the forecast 🙂

Some goodies arrived yesterday for future installation…

A 12v to 5v usb inverter.

A cheap 12v media player that supports micro sd/usb/fm radio/bluetooth and has a credit card remote 🙂

Well back on with the build…

Ive replaced the floor struts, fitted the insulation board, and put the ply over the top…

So thats the floor rebuilt, next job…The wall, but thats another day…


Rebuilt the battons for the wall, started adding the insulation to the wall, and cut the cross member the upper shelf screws into.


Over the weekend ive rebuilt the bulkhead back board, the frame for the overhead storage cupboard and rebuilt the carcass for the seats/beds and riveted it to the wall…