My new pegboard wall!

Adding a pegboard to my workshop.

Space in my new workshop (known as the lab) is very tight seeing as it was a walk in wardrobe / boxes of junk room a few weeks ago.

After seeing how expensive premade pegboard was, and knowing i had the remnants of a sheet of 3.5mm  ply i decided to make my own using a template I found on thingiverse HERE 

After a quick measure up I realised the offcut of  board would have a 2″ gap either side but it was still going to be better than having my tools all over my worktop! 🙂

So i started drilling the template and an hour later (including a beer break) it was done and ready to mount to the wall.

Now i need some mounts to stand the board from the wall and as always thingiverse to the rescue HERE.

Once mounted to the wall it was time to print some things and start mounting my tools etc

Here are a few pictures… (updated when things finish printing) 😀