Eachine EV800 Video out mod and how to record it on an android device.

I’ve just purchased  a pair of Eachine EV800 fpv goggles from banggood Buy here and am very impressed with them apart from one thing…

No video recording to sd card and no video out!

The Fix…

Video Out

Now as any tinkerer would do i decided there must be a way to tap  video out from somewhere on the pcb so went for a quick google to see if anyone had found these points or if i was going to have to start to probe…

Jackpot!… someone had already discovered the points and made a guide HERE  and a youtube video HERE

And someone has added an eachine dvr box to his ev800


So i now know that the ev800 has ground on the far right pin and video out on the pin to the left of it so now its time to get the multimeter out and what pins on the RCA connectors go to where on the 3.5mm jack.

With my meter in circuit test mode  and my 3.5mm plug plugged into the socket i held one probe on the outer metal part of the RCA plug and touched each solder tab until i got a beep so i knew which one was my ground (this is the same tab for the ground on both RCA connectors on the cable i have) and soldered the ground from the pcb to this tab, i then did the same for the pin on the RCA connector and soldered the video out from the pcb to this tab…time to test!


We now have video out 🙂

On a side note i didn’t add an audio feed out but i probably will soon and ill update the guide when i do but its a simple matter of tapping audio from the headphone jack on the pcb and soldering it to the correct tabs of your 3.5mm headphone jack.

Now its time to drill a hole in my two day old FPV goggles…

Job done and looking very nice if i do say so myself  😀

Record Video

Now time to reassemble the goggles and we can record to a dvr/dvd/camcorder or anything else that has an RCA video input but i wanted to record while out and about for as cheap as possible, preferably to an android device as i had a sony xperia s which had recently become obsolete.

Back to google to see if anyone had found a way to capture the video and feed it into an android device and record it, someone indeed had and has given a great write up of it HERE.

So i purchased the video encoder with the specific utv007 chip needed for android from bangood HERE.

Now i needed to upgrade my xperia s to at least android 5.1 (lollipop) to be able to record what i can see on my screen using a screen capture app, So another google search finds an update to android 6.0 (marshmallow) HERE.

Update…i couldnt get it running on my xperia s and couldnt really be bothered messing about with firmwares again so i used my 2013 nexus 7 and it works very well

Now everything is connected, and i can see whats on my goggles displayed on my phone too ,i open my screen capture app and record the video being shown on the nexus’s screen.

And here is my first recording…